Hiring true blue real estate lawyers on Cape Cod is no less than an essential. That is especially true for me and my team of real estate agents and investors. We practically need at least one law practitioner to help us with all the legal aspects of the business.

With that in mind, here are some random tips that I think will be useful for people who may need the services of a real estate lawyer in the state of Massachusetts especially around here in Cape Cod.


Tip #1 – Join A Real Estate Team

Lawyer Cape CodMy first tip, of course, is for people to join a local real estate investor association. Well, that’s practically how I got my best and worst experience with local lawyers here in these parts. Members of organizations such as this will know good real estate lawyers that you can hire.

We also practically know which lawyers to avoid. If possible, ask for referrals from the members. That will help you set an appointment with the lawyer or law firm of your choice.


Tip #2 – Do A Little Background Check

It will be a huge way to avoid potential future problems if you do a little background investigation yourself. Make sure to interview the previous clients of the attorneys and law firms that were referred to you.


Tip #3 – Don’t Trust The Phonebook To Search For Lawyers On Cape Cod

Note that the lawyers that you find listed on the phonebook are not a guaranteed choice. If you have a real estate agent friend then ask for a referral. Your friend will know lawyers who specialize in the real estate laws particular to the Cape Cod area.


Tip #4 – Trust Lawyers On Cape Cod Who Have Real Estate Investments Themselves

It’s always a good bet to hire a lawyer who is familiar with property transactions if he has invested himself in various local properties. Lawyers like that can give practical advice that will help clients fulfill all legal precedents.

Make sure you hire a lawyer who specializes in the specific real estate law subgroup area that you require assistance in. These areas include: Residential, Agricultural, Landlord-Tenant, Commercial, and Industrial.Remember that there are lawyers who specialize in each subgroup.


Tip #5 – Litigators Vs. Transactional Lawyers

Note that there are some lawyers who primarily tackle lawsuits, which are known as litigators. On the other hand, some lawyers center their practice on contracts, who are also known as transactional lawyers. However, note that there are also lawyers who handle both contracts and litigate very well. Select the lawyer to hire according to your needs.


Tip #6 – Know What To Ask A Real Estate Lawyer

Lawyer Cape CodThe first meeting with a real estate lawyer should be an interview about the lawyer’s expertise. Always interview a real estate lawyer face to face. It’s easier to tell if they are true experts in the said field or not by a simple face to face interview. You can tell whether they are well-versed in real estate jargon, which is very useful in case you’re looking for real estate lawyers on Cape Cod.