Hiring the right immigration lawyers on Cape Cod was a great blessing for my friend who emigrated from Denmark. He was pretty good in English but just like me, she wasn’t that well-versed with all the legal jargon plus all the paperwork. It was a good thing that a coworker of mine was kind enough to refer a good lawyer that she knew personally.


Beginning The Process

Sitting down to deal with all the forms necessary for the immigration process was a bit daunting. There was a good deal of paperwork to be done and it dawned on my friend that it will be quite a laborious process. With all the things that need to be done, we both felt that it will be in her best interest to hire an immigration lawyer.


Get Referrals For Immigration Lawyers On Cape Cod

In our search for a good immigration lawyer to help my friend, I asked coworkers and all the people I know who may have an idea about the matter. It took a day or two and then a coworker from another shift recommended a couple of local law firms in Cape Cod. One was Bourne along MacArthur Boulevard and the other was in West Yarmouth.


Get Help From AILA

Lawyer Cape CodIn our search for legal help, we became aware of AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association). We checked out their website for information.  At least at this point we now have a way to verify if the lawyer we’re talking to really has the credentials behind his practice.

Since we already have two names, we wanted to start with those two and then search for other options. We verified that both of the names that we received so far were legit and they at least knew what they were talking about. We then searched for other immigration lawyers by area and created a short list of options that we can go for.


Trimming Down The Lawyer Short List Of Lawyers On Cape Cod

The next step is pretty obvious since we really need to trim our list down to the very best ones in town. We called up each law firm and legal professional in our list and set appointments for each one of them. Take note that this is a laborious and time consuming part of the process.

Another friend who has went through the same immigration process kind of gave us a few tips for our search as well as questions to ask each immigration lawyer we talk to. It’s great to have all these little contributions to help us on our way.


Check Credentials

Lawyer Cape CodOther than interviewing potential lawyers to hire, my friend and I had to check the credentials of the remaining legal professionals on our list. We ended up choosing between two pretty good options. We contacted local state bar and checked with them if the two remaining lawyers in our list are in good standing.

This also helped us check whether our top two choices are really duly licensed. There were no disciplinary records for both of them so we just had to settle on how much they charge. And that pretty much concluded our search for immigration lawyers on Cape Cod.