You don’t hire divorce lawyers on Cape Cod like you pick apples off a tree. Divorce and the legal processes that accompany it are not an easy matter. There are details that must be expertly handled in behalf of all the parties involved. Here’s my experience helping out a friend to at least find a good divorce lawyer in that part of Massachusetts.


Create A List Of Lawyers On Cape Cod

A lot of things begin with a list, especially when you are dealing with something as laborious as a divorce. You need to make sure that you have all the bases covered to ensure that everything goes fine. This is why hiring a great divorce attorney is a very smart move for the peace and good of all.


Get Every Scrap Of Info Available

Lawyer Cape CodI had a brother who went through a divorce several years ago so I contacted him to ask for tips and ideas about the process. It was quite a talk since we haven’t spoken in years. He didn’t live in Cape Cod so he couldn’t refer anyone off the bat. But at least he gave me a summary of the things that my friend had to do in order to get things sorted out.

We asked around from friends and family and even contacted the state bar association to see if we could get a few names of lawyers and law firms. True enough, we were able to generate a mid-sized list of names that I wish we just made a little shorter. It would have made the entire process less time consuming.


Interviewing Lawyers On Cape Cod: Going With Your Gut

Of course we had to do interviews and figured out if my friend and his wife were okay with the lawyers and firms in the list. It’s a great thing that we never had to go through the entire list. My friend and his wife practically went by their guts.

They interviewed a good number of lawyers at the very top of the list and practically stuck with those. The rest were simply crossed out and dropped. If they particularly didn’t feel comfortable with the lawyer they spoke with in the new shorter list they would cross out that name too.


Keep The Out Of The Monetary Negotiations

One of the lawyers in the shortened list wasn’t really that clear about why she asked for an advance payment. She wasn’t even transparent about her professional fees. My friend and his wife didn’t want to end up negotiating with the lawyer since they are done negotiating between themselves. Long story short, they went for another lawyer.


Ask Questions And Expect Courteous Answers

Lawyer Cape CodDivorce lawyers are supposed to be on your side. They should be helping you get through the process and not lecture you or make you look like a fool. One lawyer did that and he didn’t make it to the final list.

What you’re really looking for is experience and an attorney that will work with you. Remember that these people offer professional service. Through this ordeal I figured out that the larger the practice the better and lawyers on Cape Cod who can prove their expertise can be quite a good option.